Proactive Philosophy

We are primarily a service for people with learning disabilities who also have difficulties with their behaviour. Our approach to challenging behaviour consists of “developing” people in a “proactive” rather than reactive manner - something that hopefully explains why we are called Proactive Development!

Our approach is based upon a couple of fundamental beliefs we hold about the reasons people exhibit difficult behaviour:

1) people’s behaviour often represents the best way they currently have of communicating something that is important to them or of dealing with something that they find stressful. Listening to people’s behaviour is therefore essential if we are to understand its function.

2) the way that we, as carers, family members etc. support people sometimes causes or contributes to their challenging behaviour. Doing what works, in a way that valuing and respectful is a vital part of promoting positive behaviour.

Understanding the function of people’s behaviour and developing an effective approach are products of the comprehensive assessment that underpins our behaviour support plans. However, a key element of our “proactive” approach consists of providing people with an environment that is conducive to positive behaviour in the first place.